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Since 2014, our Web Design Company Dubai has been turning your vision into digital reality, combining creativity and innovation to help you shine online. Your vision, our creation: Dare to excel with Startbiz!

Since 2014


Nine years ago, in 2014, an extraordinary adventure began for Alessandro Turco. A full stack developer passionate about the web since a young age. Driven by the incredible potential of the digital world, Alessandro decided to found his web design agency. Startbiz, a place where he could express his creativity. Thus, use its technical expertise to help companies achieve their most ambitious goals.

It all started in France in a small room. With just a computer and a big dose of determination. Alessandro immersed himself body and soul in the creation of intuitive, aesthetic and functional websites. It wasn’t just about building websites. To bring to life the dreams and visions of its clients, by transforming their ideas into virtual reality.

The Startbiz Web Design company stands out for its contagious passion for the world of the web. Each project was an opportunity to push the boundaries. To explore new technologies and rethink established standards. His growing team shared the same passion and unfailing determination.

Over the years, the agency has experienced tremendous growth. The most prestigious companies have come to request the services of Alessandro and his team. Knowing that they would benefit from exceptional results and a unique collaboration. From small startups to large international companies. Everyone called on the web agency Startbiz to benefit from the unparalleled know-how of Alessandro and his team of talented creatives and developers.

But beyond the success and recognition, what really motivated Alessandro was the feeling of satisfaction when he saw his clients’ projects come to life and exceed their objectives. He felt like a web maestro. Seamlessly orchestrating every element to create unforgettable online experiences.

Throughout this period, web design agency Startbiz has remained true to its core values. Creativity, innovation, collaboration and commitment to its customers. Every day was a new adventure. An opportunity to create something unique and make a difference in the digital world.

Today, the Startbiz web design agency is recognized as one of the best in the sector. However, the essence of this adventure has not changed: a devouring passion for the web and an unwavering commitment to its customers. Since 2021, Startbiz has expanded to Dubai. The future is promising, with exciting new projects to come and challenges to take on with as much enthusiasm as ever.

If you are looking to bring your digital dreams to life, you can count on the Startbiz team. Because beyond technical skills and expertise, it is this passion for the web that makes each project unique and memorable.

The Startbiz Web Design Agency is the story of passion, expertise and commitment to serving your objectives. And this story continues to be written every day, with you, for you.

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